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Lenders Unlikely to Use New FICO 9

Although the new FICO credit model, FICO 9, has been met with much optimism, it is unlikely that it will be used any time in the immediate future. The new model could boost individuals’ scores by as many as 25

Using Your Home To Avoid Debt

“I have plenty of experience going into debt. I’ve spent over half my life paying down a mortgage. I’ve taken out more than one home equity loan and have made more than my share of car payments. Have I ever

Pay Attention To Your Credit

“It’s a good time to think about the ins and outs of buying a house. One factor that can have a big ripple effect on your ability to qualify for a mortgage is your credit card habits. Not sure how

Student Loan Bill Blocked By Senate

The Senate Republicans have blocked legislation toward student loan forgiveness. The legislation would have allowed students to refinance their loans at lower rates to give them some debt relief. There was a 56-30 vote on the legislation. Image by Tulane Public

MasterCard Extending Zero-Liability

After security breaches like one of the magnitude of the Target scandal, MasterCard is making strides to make its cardholders feel safer. The credit and debit card company is extending its zero-liability protection to all PIN-based and ATM transactions, taking
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