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How to Choose the Right Car

Deciding on which car to get is not easy, especially when there is a battle between what you need and what you want. The smart thing to do first is to truly assess your needs. Ask yourself some questions to

Changing the Air Filter

Mechanics say that various car problems are due to faulty air filters. It is recommended to change the filters year or after 12000 miles, whichever comes fast.  Some people read or watch a video about how to do it and then follow

Consider the Insurance Cost

One of the main expenses of driving a car is insurance. It is nice and fun to choose the car that you want because of its looks or features, but it is important to consider the insurance cost before making

Auto Loan Delinquencies are On the Rise

Auto loan delinquency rates are reaching staggering levels, leading some industry experts to compare the current numbers to 2008’s disastrous housing bubble. The rise in recent years of a booming subprime auto lending market has meant millions of consumers with

Car Loan Mistakes That Will Cost You

For many people, purchasing a car is an emotional decision, while smart financial decision-making takes a back seat to instant gratification. With dealerships eager to sell, nearly any car on the lot can be yours under the right loan terms.
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