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Mortgage Rates May Reach a Record Low

Two months when the Federal Reserve raised its funds rate, mortgage rates began a free fall. “Mortgage rates are going down again, and it’s good for borrowers, but is it really good for the housing market and the broader economy?

Mortgage Rates Fall For Fifth Week in a Row

For the fifth straight week, average long-term U.S. mortgage rates have fallen. According to mortgage buyer Freddie Mac, the average rate on a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage fell to 3.72 percent this week. Last week it was at 3.79 percent. In December,

Mortgage Rates Continue to Fall

Recent data shows that mortgage rates are continuing to lower. The volatility in financial markets is making investors wary of stocks. They are instead turning to bonds, which is lowering home loan rates. The rates were not affected by the

Banks Are Backing Away From Mortgages

Big banks are starting to back away from mortgages and are lending less. The trend is following the rise in lenders like Quicken Loans which has been taking up market shares of mortgages in recent years. “The mortgage market is
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